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How much time per day, particularly on weekdays, do you spend using your Google Chrome internet browser on your computer?
How many browser tabs do you typically have open at one time?
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When your browser is cluttered...

Endless tabs

Your mind is too.

You opened all those tabs for a reason,
but now you face:


when looking for the tab you need


from accidentally navigating to unrelated tabs


from seeing all those open tabs just sitting there

Our mission is to bring you a more calm, focused, and effective online experience.


Browser copilot

Skeema learns how you get things done to build a personalized experience


Gone, but not forgotten

Skeema puts away tabs that you don’t need right now but brings them back at the right moment so you can focus on what’s most important


Takes care of it

Skeema handles tedious work like organizing, summarizing and saving to free you up to focus on creating and decision-making

Skeema solves the three main problems that cause tab overload.


Reminding & Resumption

You're constantly switching between unfinished tasks all day, leaving tabs open so you don't lose where you left off.



You leave articles and papers open in tabs to read because you don't have time to read them right now but if you put them away you may forget and never get back to them.



You leave docs and links open to avoid diffing through emails or Slack to find them again.

Organize your life

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